A Fallout 4 Fan Created the Board Game from the Game in Reality

A passionate Fallout 4 fanatic decided not to settle for the virtual world and created a real version of one of the game’s mini-games. He meticulously crafted the Blast Radius board game and shared it on the social site.


Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game in which players can explore a world destroyed by nuclear war. The game contains many different items and mini-games, including a board game called Blast Radius. A passionate fan decided to make this game in reality and created his own version.

The fan, who is known by the Reddit username u/ChaseTheDragon, shared the result of his work on the community site. Based on the images, the board game looks very similar to the original that can be seen in Fallout 4. The game box, board, cards and pieces are all very detailed and faithfully reflect the retrofuturistic style of the game.

Was dissapointed to see that Blast Radius was just a prop, so i made it into a real board game
by u/ypco in fo4

Blast Radius is a board game in which players compete with each other to avoid atomic explosions and survive radiation. The rules of the game are not exactly known, but u/ChaseTheDragon wrote that he had invented some. Players move their pieces on the board with dice and draw cards that can influence events. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible before reaching the maximum level of radiation.

Fallout 4 fans appreciated u/ChaseTheDragon’s creation and complimented him for his attention to detail and originality. Some even asked where they could buy the game or how to make it themselves. The fan replied that he had no intention of selling the game, but that he was happy to share the materials and instructions needed to make it with those who are interested.

Source: Gamerant

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