Persona 3 Remake And The New Jet Set Radio Leaked? [VIDEO]

Two games from SEGA have hit the public domain early (true, Persona is Atlus’ IP, but SEGA owns the company…).


A video has surfaced on Twitter showing a work-in-progress Persona 3 Remake, as well as a new Jet Set Radio game. The former had already made its way to the Elon Musk-owned social platform on April 4 (we’ll come back to Musk later today), but it has surfaced again. The footage is supposedly from 2021 and shows footage in development from the two unannounced projects. Still, it also features Sonic Frontiers, which could confirm the age of the video (that game has since been released).

Gematsu reports that, although the authenticity of the leak cannot be confirmed, Atlus has been working on the Persona 3 Remake for several years. Still, the domain registration seen on Twitter could support its authenticity. On March 15, SEGA registered at the same domain provider responsible for the Persona 5 Royal website, so it can’t be a coincidence, and if someone wants to create such a hoax, they might have put too much work and maybe money into it…

The Jet Set Radio material is similar to what SEGA used in a 2022 survey, and SEGAbits says it received the image embedded below in July 2022. Last April, Bloomberg reported (and maybe we did too) that SEGA was planning a big-budget reboot for the Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi franchises. In the Sonic Frontiers footage, all you can notice is that the Caterpillar enemy has different moves than the retail version, but the style is the same as in the game’s digital art book.

In any case, it should be stressed that what has been mentioned here is far from official, so we’ll have to wait for SEGA to confirm them.

Source: Gematsu

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