Nintendo Wants To Catch Leakers Even On Discord!

What the big N does is a bit scary when there are any leaks of their games (or hardware).


Let’s not deny that it is a fundamental part of the gaming industry that games and consoles are leaked in one form or another because that’s how the internet talks about them. However, leaks are risky: if someone uploads a video to YouTube that openly shows watermarks moving back and forth to identify the user (which already happened with Diablo IV), the developer and/or publisher may take legal action. Still, at the very least, they will have the footage removed with a copyright claim. Still, the video will remain multiplied on the internet despite their efforts.

It’s hard to pull any punches with Nintendo (chances are they’ve complained to Microsoft, making emulation limited to Developer mode on Xbox Series consoles…) because what the Japanese company has cut off with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is already reaching scary levels. Some lucky people got their hands on the game’s art book in February, as reported by Eurogamer. They also linked to Reddit, where characters, enemies, enemy types, and locations were all visible… until the big N deleted everything.

TorrentFreak reported that Nintendo has asked Discord to remove the “Tears of the Kingdom Official Discord Server.” Discord acted and deleted the whole thing within eight, yes, 8 minutes. But the Japanese company was not satisfied with it, as it also asked Discord to provide information about users with the PDF Pirate rank on the server. Although Discord had warned the server about the matter, it still advised Nintendo to file a trademark complaint against the server. It did so in California on April 7.

It asks the big N for Nintendo to reveal the identity of Discord user Julien#2743 (name, address, email address, phone number). According to TorrentFreak, he is the leaker and ran the Discord server in question. It will be a lawsuit. At the very least, a huge fine.

Source: WCCFTech

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