Who Would Have Thought Animal Crossing Would Feature One Of The Greatest Hit Shows…

A determined Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has created an adorable and spooky replica of Salem inspired by a popular Netflix series.



Using the furniture from Animal Crossing: New Horizons with an eerie aesthetic, one player has designed his empire to resemble a charming fairytale version of historic Salem. Over the years, Salem has been the setting for many Halloween movies, series and stories. But this Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan wanted to take things a little further.

Namely, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of different types of furniture that players can combine in their houses and on their islands, with remarkably few villages looking exactly the same.

Reddit user Mrswilliamson30 has shared several screenshots of her island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He highlighted parts of the city, such as the carnival, on the additional map. Also, the cemetery, Nevermore Academy, a cave and a crescent-shaped lake. The villages of Mrswilliamson30 are located at the bottom right of the map. Other essential areas surround the shopping centre. The rest of the village is primarily themed around the Salem concept. Inspired by the Netflix series Wednesday, Mrswilliamson30 also created seven different t-shirts and a dress. The series inspired all of them.

Continuing with the visuals of Wednesday, Mrswilliamson30 has transformed her home to be half black and white, half cheerful and colourful, like the dorm room she shares with Enid Sinclair, the title character. To more effectively represent Nevermore Academy, the New Horizons village also features an arched castle wall that players can run through on their way to class.

The carnival in Mrswilliamson30’s town is less robust than the one in the Netflix series, but the nearby cafe looks just like Weathervane, complete with a cash register and plenty of seating.

We also got a glimpse into another player’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons village. His house looks very much like the one Mrswilliamson30 built. However, the extension of the theme to the whole island has resulted in Salem, reminiscent of Wednesday, being perhaps the most charming version of the settlement.

Source: Reddit

Welcome to Salem!
by u/mrswilliamson30 in AnimalCrossing

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