Surprising Development In PlayStation 5 Sales!

TECH NEWS – Despite struggling with supply chain issues at the start of its lifecycle, Sony’s PlayStation 5 sales have now overtaken those of the PlayStation 4.



A startling new report reveals that PlayStation 5 sales have now surpassed those of the PlayStation 4 during the same period of its lifecycle. This shows gamers are eager to get their hands on Sony’s latest console. The news comes just months after SIE president Jim Ryan took to the stage at CES 2023. There, he effectively announced that the PS5 console shortage was over and said that gamers would have a “much easier time in the future”.

The latest report from market research firm Circana, formerly known as the NPD Group, reveals that sales of Sony’s PlayStation 5 now exceed those of the PlayStation 4 at the same point in its lifecycle.

Circana managing director Mat Piscatella shared the news in a Twitter thread reviewing Circana’s March 2023 US games market findings. Piscatella stated that PS5 sales “have now surpassed those of PlayStation 4 on a time-aligned basis (29 months in market).” The thread also noted that the PS5 has been the “best-selling hardware platform in units and dollars” both in March and throughout 2023 so far.

The rapid sales of the PlayStation 5 are undoubtedly welcome news for Sony. The company is set to release highly anticipated exclusive titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Death Stranding 2 in the coming years. But as gamers finally get their hands on the coveted console, with more and more copies appearing on retail shelves, the base PS5 could be on the catwalk. According to recent reports, Sony is working on new PlayStation hardware.

Rumours suggest that the company may release a new console version, which is entirely separate from the expected hardware update for the PS5 Pro.

With industry sales figures and several major console exclusives coming in the near future, the PlayStation 5 promises to be the company’s most successful console to date. The news is also a victory for gamers. After all, more consoles sold probably means more interest from developers in making games for consoles. Whether the PlayStation controllers, which were recently revealed in a patent that can change an unusual temperature, will help boost sales further remains to be seen. But the PS5 may still have a big future ahead of it.

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