PS Plus Extra: Brand New Day One Game Launch Coming In May?! [VIDEO]

PlayStation is treating PS Plus Extra subscribers to a new first-day game coming to the subscription service in May 2023.



PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS Plus Extra or Premium levels will be treated to a brand new day-one release in the form of Humanity on May 16.

PS Plus Extra day one games are a rarity, with only a handful released to date, including the popular cat game Stray, which won critical acclaim and numerous awards.

More recently, the open-world game Tchia was released here on day one. It, too, mainly received positive reviews from critics. The next game will be Humanity and will offer a very different experience to Stray and Tchia.

Humanity is a bizarre action/puzzle game in which players take on the role of a glowing dog who leads vast hordes of people through dangerous stages. Humanity has over 90 tracks for players to try out at launch. It will also feature user-generated content. To that end, the developers are aiming to launch it as a PS Plus Extra game on May 16, the first day of PS Plus. This will ensure Humanity has a large player base right from the start. This also means that, potentially, more people will be creating content to share with others. This will make the game long-lived.

A convenient thing about Humanity is that it will be available on PS4 and PS5 consoles, so you don’t need to upgrade to Sony’s latest console to try it out via a PS Plus Extra subscription.

Not incidentally, Humanity supports virtual reality for both generations of headsets. Humanity’s VR mode is optional, but it’s also supported on the original PlayStation VR and PlayStation VR2.

Humanity is currently the only new PS Plus Extra game confirmed for May 2023. But this will almost certainly change in the coming weeks. Sony will likely make a big announcement in the week leading up to May 16. In it, the other new Extra and Premium games will be confirmed. What these games might be is anybody’s guess at the moment. However, fans can expect a mix of new titles and classic games.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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