Xbox Game Pass: An Anticipated Game May Arrive Sooner Than We Thought?!

The global release of an Xbox Game Pass title is coming to some territories a day earlier than many expected.



Redfall is arriving on Xbox Game Pass a day earlier than many expected in some areas of the world. The co-op mystery vampire slayer game is scheduled to launch within days. But exactly which day Redfall will be playable will vary by region.

Redfall is a brand new first-person shooter coming courtesy of Arkane Studios, the developers of Dishonored, and Bethesda, and will be one of the most significant new game launches of the first half of 2023.

Making it available on Xbox Game Pass on launch day will only further increase the number of instant players for the new IP. Xbox is undoubtedly doing a lot to make Redfall one of the big new exclusives. In fact, they recently released several custom Redfall controls.

Global release dates for Redfall were recently posted on the game’s official Twitter page. So gamers in every corner of the planet will know exactly what time they can start their first day of Xbox Game Pass for May. They also announced that pre-loading is now available. What may surprise some gamers is that the date listed is not exactly what they expected in some areas. The release date for Redfall has been May 2 for some time, but in the US, it appears that fans will actually be able to start playing the game on May 1.

It is worth pointing out that the game will be released on precisely the same date everywhere. This table simply shows when that moment will be, depending on the viewer’s time zone. The surprise is that the development arm of Arkane Studios, which is developing Redfall, is based in Austin, Texas. So it’s most obvious that the announced release date of May 2 will be the day the game is released in that city. However, according to the official release table, Austin players will be able to start playing the game on May 1 at 7 pm. Surely there won’t be any players complaining that they’re jumping into the vampiric wasteland of Redfall a little earlier than they thought.

Redfall has received a lot of hype for its unique concept and because there is always an interest in quality cooperative shooter games.

However, as we approached the release date, there was a hitch. It was announced that, at least at launch, Redfall would not be running at 60 FPS. This has left some scratching their heads and wondering what other problems the game might pose when it arrives in May. But given that it’s a first-day Xbox Game Pass title, there’s still no reason not to download it for those who subscribe.

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