Final Fantasy XVI Is Exemplary In Some Ways; VII Remake Could Have Followed Suit

Square Enix is taking a different approach to the story of Final Fantasy XVI, and it’s something to think about.


In Final Fantasy XVI, we get to see three eras in the life of our protagonist Clive, so the narrative shows how he’s changed over the years. The time-jumping approach would also be great for the previous trilogies (Final Fantasy XIII or the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake), as the different periods would show a different setting. In XVI, we see Valisthea’s world slowly crumbling into dust. The death of Clive’s brother Joshua seems to be the protagonist’s motivation, affecting his personality and goals.

The breakdown into three eras, alongside Clive, makes the development of his comrades more elaborate than if it were a more concise story. Clive’s increasing focus on the goal (revenge) allows us to see better how much he is turning away from his old self. This structure is similar in narrative to Final Fantasy VII Remake, except we get three games instead of one here. But that means you pay three times as much (and more), and there’s no question of the whole game being on one platform, as the first part of the remake trilogy came out on PlayStation 4, and the sequel is already being made for PlayStation 5 (the first part got a PS5 port, subtitled Intergrade). The other factor is development time. It could be 2026 or 2027 before the Final Fantasy VII Remake is released in its entirety…

The three Final Fantasy XIII installments were released over four years: the first installment in 2009, XIII-2 in 2011, and Lightning Returns in 2013. Square Enix experimented between the parts, and the Japanese publisher was able to tap into the fans’ wallets… but the success was less and less there as the trilogy came out. So it’s a clever idea to put the story into ONE game. Easier accessibility and not having to wait for the parts is a lesson for Final Fantasy VII Remake, which may well get to where the XIII trilogy did because of the console generation shift.

Final Fantasy XVI will be released on PlayStation 5 on June 22.

Source: GameRant

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