OpenAI Threatens To Sue The Developer Who Jumped The Paywall!

TECH NEWS – OpenAI doesn’t like it when someone offers for free what they charge for.


The developer, Xtekky, has become notorious for the free artificial intelligence chatbot GPT4free, which is based on ChatGPT4. They may now face legal problems, as OpenAI is considering taking them to court, as GPT4free is essentially jumping ChatGPT4’s paywall. To explain it more clearly, ChatGPT4 has a monthly fee of $20, but GPT4free takes answers from ChatGPT4’s API, Quora,, and essentially offers free access to APIs, for which they usually charge money.

Xtekky told Tom’s Hardware that OpenAI has already sent them a letter demanding that they take down the GitHub project. They gave five days to do so, or they will take legal action. According to Xtekky, they are not responsible for what others create from his Github, and OpenAI should not be concerned because they do not directly connect to ChatGPT4’s API. Their script only queries the sites with access to it, so OpenAI should look for those sites instead…

“OpenAI could also reach out to the sites and warn/notify them and, in collaboration, come to me and do a takedown, but it seems that this solely comes from OpenAI, and they claim that I am directly attacking them. One could achieve the same just by opening tabs on the sites. I can open Phind, You, etc. tabs on my browser and spam requests. My repo just does it more simply. I believe they [OpenAI] contacted me before to pressure me into deleting the repo myself, but the right way should be an actual official DMCA through GitHub,” Xtekky said.

They say they removed the scripts using,, and at their request. Tom’s Hardware added that every time a query runs on GPT4free, the sites with API licenses do the job for free. In addition to OpenAI, the sites in question also lose revenue (the latter from advertising). Xtekky said removing the Github repo would be trivial, so they will move the chatbot to another domain and rename it g4f. GPT4free’s Github is still available.

Source: PCGamer

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