Redfall: Developers Hide Quite An Easter Egg In The Game!

An easter egg, a reference to Arkane’s 2017 sci-fi title Prey, can be found in Redfall, the studio’s new vampire-hunting first-person shooter set in New England.



Arkane’s latest open-world FPS title Redfall also features an “easter egg” from Prey. The game, which has recently received a mixed reception – we wrote about it here, with mixed feelings – sees up to four players team up to take back a coastal town in Massachussets that vampires and their violent cult followers have overrun.

Arkane’s sci-fi title Prey was released in the summer of 2017, and while it’s now widely praised, it, unfortunately, flew very much under the radar commercially at launch.

Prey has since managed to build a somewhat cult fanbase. Many players discovered the game for the first time and realised what they had been missing in 2017. While many seemed to have forgotten about Prey at launch, it’s clear that Arkane never forgot.

Reddit user Tsundereployer posted a picture on the Redfall subreddit showing a Green Beetle Gin bottle from Prey. It’s in Redfall! The bottle in the picture looks like it’s sitting on a table in one of the game’s safe houses. These are the safe places in the city where players can take refuge while replenishing their ammo and life force. They can also get missions here. The Reddit user also pointed out that the bottler on the back of the Green Beetle Gin bottle is called Transtar. This technology company is responsible for building the Talos I space station. Also, the Pytheas Research Institute in the Prey universe.

The appearance of the Green Beetle Gin bottle in the game can mean one of three things. It could just be a recycled device, which is very common in AAA game development. However, a studio like Arkane has always – at least until now – shown tremendous focus and precision in even the most minor details of its games. That said, this could simply be an intentional Easter egg. A nod to Arkane’s beloved Talos I space station. But it could also hint at a larger connection between the universes of Prey and Redfall.

Given that Deathloop director Dinga Bakaba confirmed last year that Dishonored and Deathloop exist in the same universe, it’s not impossible that the picturesque seaside town of Redfall and Talos I are in the same universe.

Whether this Green Beetle Gin bottle references the shared universe with Prey is unknown. For now, based on how poorly Redfall was received at launch, it is doubtful that Arkane will want to marry it with one of its more lauded and beloved titles.

Source: Reddit

Prey easter egg in Redfall- this gin was bottled by Transtar
by u/Tsundereployer in redfall

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