Amnesia: The Bunker: 10 Minutes Of Gameplay And A Mysterious Letter [VIDEO]

Frictional Games wants to show that no two players will experience the same thing as each other, with a more dynamic experience.


The underground exploration will, therefore, not be as sterile as you might first imagine in the story of Henri Clement. He’s a soldier left behind, stuck in a military bunker. Unfortunately, he’s not alone (if he were alone, it would be a waiting game at best until his comrades discover that someone is missing from their platoon…), as there’s a monster in the corridors looking for its next victim. The hybrid concept combining open-world and sandbox is set during the First World War, and the fact that we’ll have a firearm is a novelty. Let’s not get too carried away because the number of ammunition we’ll have is funny, to say the least: one. (No, we didn’t typo it, we’ll have one bullet!)

Again, Frictional Games will leave it up to the player to decide what to do with the one round of ammo, which is part of the game design (it’s up to the player to determine what happens, how the ending goes, that sort of thing). The press release also includes a letter about the character Joubert. It also appears in the 10-minute gameplay video, but we quote it because it refers to the current events: “To any who find this: Fournier, our commanding officer, crouches next to me now. He’s lost his mind to an abyss of fear. He repeats the same refrain over and over. “Flee! Flee! We must flee and seal the beast where it belongs!” He wants to run, to blow up the exit behind him… Sealing the demon down here… The demon AND our men. His constant refrain is getting to me… and that same void of terror… is also overtaking me. To any of my men who see this: I will get the arsenal code from him once we’re free of this place. I will get it and radio it back to you.”

Amnesia: The Bunker will be released on May 23 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: WCCFTech

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