Has The Next Big PlayStation Showcase Date Leaked?!

Sony is keeping it under wraps, but all signs indicate a big PlayStation Showcase conference coming soon. It would be the first big presentation of the summer.



Even the cancellation of E3 won’t stop a big video game party in the coming weeks. Once again, the industry is looking forward to the first two weeks of June packed with new releases. Now we can point to a new attendee at these summer conferences. According to various sources, Sony will join the shows with a PlayStation Showcase. This will occur in the last days of May or the first days of June.

Several rumours point to a big new PlayStation launch, including those confirmed by VCG media and journalist Jeff Grub.

This would be a move that fits in with the company’s usual plans. Sony usually makes its launches during the summer. However, it is trying to distance itself from competitors for a more significant impact. Moreover, the company has long stopped communicating with its fans. True, we’ve already had two State of Play presentations this year. But the first one focused on VR games. The last one was exclusively about Final Fantasy XVI. So many PlayStation gamers are eager to see what’s next.

This new information comes just hours after rumours of a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake gained momentum once again. According to this information, the project will be unveiled at a future PlayStation Showcase. For now, it’s almost all speculation and uncertainty. However, several very diverse and highly reliable sources suggest that Sony is preparing a big announcement. The truth is that the company has been keeping a low profile for some time. After the big releases and a new Final Fantasy, we can expect them to start announcing their future moves soon.

If the information proves to be accurate, Nintendo will be the one significant absentee from the big summer video game parties.

The truth is the Japanese company has always been a bit of a loner when it comes to launches. All signs point to no surprises this year. Whenever possible, they’ve continuously moved the launch to September. The release of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in a few days’ time suggests that there won’t be too much of a rush. On the other hand, no big releases are planned for after July, at least for now…

Source: VGC

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