New Demos: Steam Has Done Something Cool No One Expected! First Is The New Dead Space

Steam is introducing an option that many have been waiting for – and Dead Space is the game to start with.



Valve is constantly updating Steam to bring new games, features, and tools to players and sellers alike. As of today, it looks like another such feature is in the works.

The game demos and play trials are slightly different. Demos usually include a small slice of the game so players can try it out before buying it (see the Street Fighter 6 demo). By comparison, game trials include the entire game. However, you can only play it for a limited window of time before you are forced to buy it or uninstall it. Nintendo has done the latter before with games like ARMS, for example. Now Steam is coming to Steam with play trials. These allow users to test whether their future purchase is worth it.

The first game that will have a 90-minute trial will be the legendary Dead Space remake, as shown below.

Thanks to Steam Game Trials, you can play 90 minutes of the game for free. After that, you will be prompted to buy the game. It’s a bit short, but it allows players to watch the opening episode and take control of Isaac Clarke as he first steps aboard the USS Ishimura. Beyond that, players will need to purchase the game if they want to go further.

Access to the free play trial of the Dead Space remake is effortless. Simply find the game in the Steam store and select the button marked “Try Dead Space – Free Trial”. The store page will tell you how much time you have (not counting the installation time). Given that such a high-profile game was the first, the question arises; what’s next?

What makes it even better is that in case you do buy the game, it’s currently available on Steam with a 20% discount until 29 May 2023. However, it’s unknown if this game will be available for EA Play members to try out. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S users will not have access to this free trial. The special price is not available on other platforms.

Source: Steam, Twitter

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