Introducing the Access controller for PS5: a new customizable controller kit

Sony has unveiled its new accessory for the PlayStation 5 console, called the Access controller. The Access controller is a customizable and accessible controller kit that aims to make the PS5 gaming experience available for players with disabilities.


Sony announced the Project Leonardo project back in January, which was developing a new controller kit for the PS5. The kit has now officially received the name of Access controller, and Sony has detailed its features and design.

The Access controller is a modular controller kit that has every element interchangeable and customizable. The kit includes a central unit that has four buttons and an analog stick on it, as well as various shaped and textured button and stick caps that players can swap out according to their own needs. The central unit can be placed in any direction on a flat surface, a wheelchair tray or an AMPS pattern mount.

The Access controller also has four 3.5mm inputs that can be connected to additional buttons, switches or other compatible accessories. These inputs can be configured through the PS5 console settings, as well as the functions of the buttons on the central unit. Players can create and store up to 30 different profiles on the Access controller and switch between them quickly with a dedicated button.

The Access controller can also be connected with other controllers: up to two Access controllers can be used together as a virtual controller or one or two Access controllers can be combined with a DualSense or DualSense Edge wireless controller. This way players can add haptic feedback, adaptive trigger, motion sensor or touch pad to their own settings.

Sony has not yet revealed when and how much the Access controller for PS5 will be available but promises to share more information about it soon.

Source: PlayStation Blog

 "Image showing the ability to attach the Access controller to an AMPS mount*"

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