John Carmack Will Be The Star Guest At A Sci-Fi Convention Against “Woke Propaganda”

The co-creator of DOOM (who also recently left Oculus under Meta) will be attending an event that hasn’t been to everyone’s liking.


John Carmack tweeted, “I’m going to be at again this year. I had read books from and Twitter-interacted with three authors (more since!), but I wasn’t sure what to expect last year. It turned out fun, in a grass-roots con way that reminded me of the old Space Access days. I was just going to show up as a normal attendee/fan of the authors last year, but Rob [presumably BasedCon founder Robert Kroese] nudged me into doing a talk and some panels, and I enjoyed it.”

According to the event’s website, BasedCon does not seek to promote any ideology while taking the position that men cannot give birth, guns don’t kill people (other people do), a fetus is a human necessity, socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried, and discrimination against white people is racism. According to the site, sci-fi events used to be great fun, but in recent years they have been dominated by a small circle of authoritarian jerks who have turned them into shows spreading social justice dogma.

“If you think people with a certain skin color can’t be racist or you expect people to use made-up pronouns when talking about you, you may want to do a reality check before coming to BasedCon,” the site adds. Carmack has been known to have libertarian leanings (for example, he thinks it’s acceptable to become a self-made billionaire) and has been ignored by the public because he’s always been seen as a bit of a weirdo. Still, he’s never been in the crossfire as the DOOM and Quake creator, but now, he’s had his fill of it with more fans.

Some people noticed that BasedCon didn’t indicate the location (a hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan) for “security reasons,” and those who didn’t register won’t be told where it is held…

Source: PCGamer

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