CliffyB Is At It Again With The LawBreakers Resurrection

Cliff Bleszinski is a strange character: while he’s more involved with Broadway (i.e., not in the games industry), he’s repeatedly been heard to bring his latest title back from the grave…


LawBreakers came out at the wrong time (the same can be said for Mass Effect: Andromeda; it was mentioned earlier in the day), as 2017 saw the mainstream success of Blizzard’s PvP indoor shooter Overwatch. Bleszinski’s (better known as CliffyB) game followed in the same vein, but ultimately his game failed. He’s not alone: more prominent names in the genre than him and his studio Boss Key Productions, have fallen to their knees, with Gearbox having made a similar attempt. Does anyone else remember Battleborn…?

Nexon released Bleszinski’s game for PlayStation 4 and PC. Still, LawBreakers only lasted a little over a year on the market because, despite the pre-launch marketing (PS4, PC, none of that $60 bulls__t, to quote CliffyB), the game quickly sank in the market, even though players rarely hit the ground running in it, it was so fast-paced. And now he might be trying to reclaim the rights to the game from a publisher that originated in South Korea but is currently based in Japan:

“Update: My friend who has his own studio and is interested in a revival of LawBreakers has my lawyer in Los Angeles on retainer to negotiate with Nexon for it. Stay tuned,” Bleszinski wrote on Twitter, so what he wrote earlier this year was serious, and he wants to bring the game back, but now without Nexon and not in his studio.

Presumably, he’d leave the game on PC if all legal hurdles were cleared, as Bleszinski has previously admitted that the PlayStation 4 release was a mistake. He wouldn’t have to divide his resources if he had to focus on just one platform. If it was successful on Steam (though who knows, maybe on the Epic Games Store. .. after all, CliffyB worked on Unreal Tournament and Gears of War there!), then there could be some discussion about porting the game to consoles.

Source: PSU

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