Alain Delon’s Secret Son died: Drugs and Crimes Overshadow the Tragedy

MOVIE NEWS – Ari Boulogne, who was claimed to be the illegitimate child of French film star Alain Delon and German singer-actress Nico, has unexpectedly passed away at 60.”


A tumultuous and enigmatic life came to an end as Ari Boulogne, the alleged son of Velvet Underground’s lead vocalist, Nico, and French movie star, Alain Delon, succumbed at the age of sixty.

Boulogne, who was suffering from hemiplegia, was found dead in his Parisian home on a Saturday afternoon. The female companion living with him, a 58-year-old woman, alerted the authorities. She was later arrested on charges of involuntary manslaughter, failure to assist a person in danger, as well as drug-related offences. While the exact circumstances surrounding Boulogne’s death remain unclear, early reports suggest that he may have been deceased for an extended period before being found.

Boulogne’s mother, German singer and actress Nico, was a part of Velvet Underground and had an affair with Delon while he was still with Romy Schneider. Their son was born in 1962, whom Delon never acknowledged. Ari was raised by Delon’s mother, Édith, and her second husband, Paul Boulogne, as Nico was unable to care for him due to her drug addiction and constant touring and filming.

Ari Boulogne later worked as a photographer and acted in films such as “Inner Scar” by Philippe Garrel. However, he was predominantly known in the French media for his two unsuccessful lawsuits against Delon, trying to get him to admit paternity.

Source: Le Soir

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