Total War: Pharaoh: Epic Battles Are Coming To Ancient Egypt! [VIDEO]

Creative Assembly is aiming for realism in the next instalment of the Total War series.



Fans of the Total War saga have been longing for this historical era for years. We can finally say that Egypt of the great Pharaohs will be the warzone of Creative Assembly’s new strategy game. What can we expect from Total War: Pharaoh? The grand historical battles that characterise this saga which has realism as its banner. There will also be a few new features that will ensure we get to experience the horrific collapse of Bronze Age civilisations first-hand.

“There are few more iconic eras than Ancient Egypt; full of political intrigue, fateful events and great campaigns, it’s the perfect setting for a Total War title,” said Todor Nikolov, director of Pharaoh.

As the leader of this empire, we must face the social breakdown and wars of the historical period. Meanwhile, we must survive natural disasters that disrupt the economy and the prosperity of our provinces.


Great battles in Ancient Egypt


The new Total War recreates the three great cultures that fought for the desert provinces. With eight different faction leaders, unique play styles and troops. You can go to war or use diplomacy and management to win in this turbulent historical era in the land of Canaan, Egypt and Anatolia. “On your journey to become Pharaoh, discover a beautiful and lush recreation of the golden age of ancient Egypt. From the fertile banks of the Nile to the windswept deserts of the Sinai Peninsula to the rugged mountain peaks of ancient Anatolia, this stunning visual recreation brings to life the beauty and brutality of Egypt’s most turbulent era,” reads the official description.

Creative Assembly promises a wide range of options for customising the campaign, so no two games will ever be the same: we can choose the location of the factions, the resources available, the natural disasters and more.

The latter will be important because weather effects will play a significant role in the battles. The developers promise a dramatic weather system. Expect everything from (blood) storms to sandstorms.

As for the release date, we’ll have to wait until October 2023 to enjoy the game on PC. Pre-orderers will get some extras in return, such as an early access weekend. Also, the cosmetic packs “Avatar of the Gods” and “Heart of Shardana”.

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