One Announcement At PlayStation Showcase, One To Happen Later?

PlayStation Showcase is just a day away (we’ll probably sleep through it, as it’s not timed for Europeans), and two games have been rumored in connection with it.


So it makes sense to link the two. Let’s start with the remake: we’ve heard about Metal Gwar Solid 3: Snake Eater for months. Rumor is that Konami’s game will be announced during Sony’s broadcast. However, unlike Silent Hill 2 Temake (being developed by the Bloober Team), Snake’s adventure will not be console-exclusive for PlayStation 5. According to Tom Henderson on Insider Gaming, it will be released on Xbox Series and PS5, and PC.

We’ve been hearing about it for a long time, and as we hear more and more about it, it could prove Konami’s plans (the Japanese publisher is looking to revive its Metal Gear and Castlevania IPs with remakes and re-releases). We heard in March that it would be released in 2024, and a re-release would be good: it came out in 2004/2005 for PS2, followed by an extended edition in 2005/2006 (depending on region) called Subsistence, and in 2012 as part of HD Edition collection for PS3, X360 and PlayStation Vita.

Now let’s jump to the game that will reportedly NOT be announced at PlayStation Showcase: Persona 6, from SEGA-owned Atlus. It was discussed in Nate the Hate’s new video, and he says there’s not much chance of this game showing up. There is also a Persona 5 spin-off in the works for release in 2024, but the announcement of Persona 6 might have to wait until the Tokyo Game Show, and it’s supposed to be a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive for late 2024. Finally, there’s the Persona 3 Remake, which is pretty much towards the end of its development and will follow the visual style of Persona 5. Not all of the content will carry over from the base game and the Portable; there might be no female protagonist, and reportedly The Answer won’t be part of the remastered Persona 3.

These are not official information!

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech

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