[PSSC-2023] Concord: A PvP Shootout By Firewalk [VIDEO]

With Sony Interactive Entertainment announcing the game for PlayStation 5 and PC, it’s safe to believe that Concord will be part of Sony’s live service expansion.


Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a month ago, towards the end of April, that it had acquired Firewalk Studios, a team of several veterans who previously worked on Destiny at Bungie. The expansion of PlayStation Studios may have happened because Sony liked their then-unannounced game so much that it turned Concord into a first-party, in-house developed project that won’t be released on Xbox Series but will be on PlayStation 5 and PC. As it’s a PvP sci-fi, first-person shooter, the genre also exhausts the concept of live service… and in their announcement, which is quoted in the following paragraph, they have hidden a specific phrase that refers to it.

“After sharing the news last month that Firewalk would be joining PlayStation Studios, today, we are thrilled to confirm the title of our upcoming game: Concord. Announced during today’s PlayStation Showcase, Concord is our new player-versus-player multiplayer first-person shooter coming to PlayStation 5 and PC in 2024. While we’re still hard at work on development, we wanted to share this small introduction to Concord. Concord is a bringing together of peoples. It’s the power of games to build connections and inspire social play. The Firewalk team is driven by the exciting, unexpected moments and shared experiences that multiplayer games create. Every time you log on is the beginning of a new adventure, and every match is an opportunity for a new story. These ideals define Concord, its unique universe of vibrant worlds, and its rich cast of colorful characters. We can’t wait to share much more with you, and we’re looking forward to fully revealing Concord ahead of launch next year,” Firewalk writes.

And the phrase we’ve been referring to is social play. And to do that, you need to play together often. And that’s almost the definition of a live service game. So that’s what Concord will be like for PlayStation 5 and PC next year. (So it will be released on both platforms simultaneously, rather than 2-3 years later for PC? That’s another reference to live service.)

Source: Gematsu

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