Vin Diesel has been hiding for years, but now he has come out

MOVIE NEWS – Fast X, written for the female protagonists, has been in preparation for quite some time, announced Vin Diesel. So far, this was only a possibility, which Donna Langley, the president of Universal Studios, which produces the racing series, mentioned a few times in connection with the fact that the series, which has been running since 2001, will end with the tenth, double part, but the story itself will continue in some form.


Diesel, who wrote the series as a protagonist and producer, also revealed that he has been working on the feminist Fast X episode since 2017, and several spin-offs, i.e. films that continue the story of one of the protagonists, are in preparation.

This isn’t really that big of a surprise considering that Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez were in Fast X the other day 10.’s Rome premiere hinted that the tenth part might not even be a double movie, but rather expand into a trilogy. Regarding the current announcement, the actress said that she is not sure whether she will play in the next episodes after the end of the first series. “You have to pass the baton on,” said Diesel at a charity event. “We have to take a seat in the back when the next generation comes.” It has to be this way so that they can determine the future.”

One of the big surprises of Fast X. is the return of two former important characters, whom the fans already thought should be said goodbye to forever. (We won’t reveal who they are.) Rodriguez said in this regard that one of them was already planned to return in the previous parts, but his scenes were not included in the respective films. Diesel noted with satisfaction how much he enjoyed watching his screening erupt in cheers when the missing characters appeared on the screen.

The Fast X. lived up to expectations, grossing almost 320 million dollars in its first weekend, so it will turn a profit in just one week, surpassing the a dizzying 340 million dollar budget, which included the last double – or triple – part.

(Fast X – already in domestic cinemas!)

Source: UIP

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