[PSSC-2023] Revenant Hill: Animal 1919 [VIDEO]

Finji will publish The Glory Society’s adventure game.


Not much is known about this game, but we know about the developers. The Glory Society is described as a “worker-owned cooperative” in the publisher’s press release. Some of the developers have previously worked on Night in the Woods, Stereophyte, and 2016’s DOOM, but that alone is not enough to automatically make a game a success. Experience helps, but creating a successful product takes more than that. Let’s see the press blurb: “Revenant Hill is a narrative adventure game with farming elements, where you strive to build an egalitarian community.

The year is 1919. After the barn he was living in burns down, Twigs the cat resides inside a wet log near an abandoned graveyard. When the owl from the next hill over starts demanding rent, Twigs must find a way to make ends meet, and things get more complicated. Times are hard, making ends meet is more challenging, and the world doesn’t stop at the graveyard’s edge. Something big and dark is at work in the towns, the factories, the forests, and the hills. At some point, someone is going to have to push back. And they can’t do it alone. Grow crops. Watch the seasons pass. Create a community. Make enemies and host ambitious parties for witches and demons while you get tangled up in a world amid violent change and much more.”

Revenant Hill’s style does feel dated, but that might not be a detriment, but we don’t know when we can expect The Glory Society’s game yet, as its release date is unknown. We know the target platforms, though: the adventure game is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC (Steam). It might be released in 2024, but it could be this year.

Source: Gematsu

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