Johnny Depp in Jeanne du Barry Hits French Cinemas – [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Jeanne du Barry debuted at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, and at the same time, the drama directed by Maïwenn was screened in 640 cinemas in France on May 16. There is huge interest in the costume film starring Johnny Depp. In France, almost 400,000 people saw Madamme du Barry and XV. The story of King Louis’ passionate relationship.


The film based on real events was celebrated by the audience with a seven-minute standing ovation at its Cannes premiere. Almost without exception, critics sing odes to the film. Jeanne du Barry, for which the Hungarian dubbed trailer has arrived, will be released in autumn in Hungary.

Jeanne, a young working-class woman obsessed with culture and pleasure, uses her intelligence and charm to climb the social ladder one by one. XV. He also attracts the attention of King Louis and quickly becomes his favorite, who regains his zest for life through him. After they fall madly in love and move to Jeanne Versailles, against all manners and etiquette, her arrival causes a serious scandal in the court.

The film Jeanne du Barry is scheduled to be released in cinemas in October.

Source: ADS press material


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