PlayStation Plus: Could There Be Trouble With The Free Games For June?!

PlayStation Plus free games for June are already causing problems – they’re not even announced yet, but they’re already dividing fans.



PlayStation Plus free games for June 2023 are already causing controversy. Subscribers are struggling to get to grips with the next batch of free games from the Essential tier.

PlayStation Plus has received some really great games in recent months. Subscribers can currently play one of the best action-adventure games, one of the best-looking games on PlayStation 5 and a brand-new game that’s getting rave reviews.

But the service is reportedly losing a bunch of games next month. A relatively weak PS1 game has also been revealed for Premium subscribers. So PS Plus has a lot to live up to when the next free games are announced next week.

On the PlayStation Plus subreddit, users are already fretting over which games will be released to Essential subscribers in June.

There are some excellent shout-outs, but as is always the case, no one seems to be able to agree on which three titles will make the cut.

At the moment, the top-rated picks are Disco Elysium, Hades and Nier Automata. While unlikely, this would make June 2023 one of the best months for PS Plus in terms of critical acclaim alone. As one user jokes, he recently bought all three of the above games. And that usually means that PS Plus will soon be giving them away for free.

Other frequent picks include Alan Wake Remastered, Call Of Duty Vanguard and No Man’s Sky. Any of these would be pretty cool. Some users are outright convinced that FIFA 23 will definitely be among the free games. However, so far, there seems to be nothing to back this up.

The PlayStation Plus free games for June will be announced on 31 May. So feel free to guess now and see how accurate you were!

Source: Reddit

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