John Wick Vs Tyler Rake: Who Would Win?! Insider Answers The Question!

MOVIE NEWS – Sam Hargrave, director of Extraction 2, explains why Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake would beat Keanu Reeves’ John Wick in a one-on-one fight.



Sam Hargrave, director of Extraction 2, has explained why Keanu Reeves’ John Wick would lose to his hero, played by Chris Hemsworth. Following the success of the first film in 2020, Hemsworth’s mercenary returns from the dead in Extraction 2, in which he must rescue a new target in Eastern Europe. The sequel looks set to ramp up the action from the first film, showcasing fight choreography similar to the popular John Wick franchise.

Ahead of Extraction 2’s release date, Hargrave was asked in an interview with Collider who he thought would win in a fight between Rake and Wick.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the director picks Rake as the winner. He cites a significant development in John Wick: Chapter 4 as the deciding factor. Check out Hargrave’s explanation below:

“That’s like the greatest question of all time. I mean, that’s tough because, you know, I’m partial to the character of Tyler Rake. I’m gonna take away John Wick’s bulletproof suit and I’m gonna give it to Tyler Rake. The dude’s a badass, so there’s no debate.”

“No one – John Wick is a verb now, like to John Wick someone, that’s a thing. He’s a legend onscreen in his own movies, and yet he’s a legend now as an action icon. So no, that dude doesn’t go down without a fight, but the fourth movie proves he can go down! And we’ve proven that our guy can be killed and brought back from the dead, so you gotta give it to Tyler Rake. A long, hard-fought battle, to be sure, but I think you gotta go with Tyler Rake.”


Could Tyler Rake really win against John Wick?


It’s always challenging to compare the relative power levels of two fictional characters in different universes. But there are some cold, hard numbers that might shed some light on who would actually win. For example, the number of kills each character has made. In the first John Wick, Reeves’ assassin kills 77 people. In comparison, Rake kills 183 people in the events of Extraction.

However, it is essential to note that Wick kills more bad guys in each sequel: in John Wick: Chapter 4, the body count is around 140.

In all four films in the franchise, Wick has killed 439 people. That’s an average of 109 per film, which is still down from Rake’s 183.

Okay, in terms of kills, Rake wins. But it should not be overlooked that Wick has many more years of experience that he can bring to bear. The character consistently beats those younger and more agile than him. Hargrave also cites Wick’s apparent death as an essential factor in his decision. However, with the announcement of John Wick Part 5, it seems that Reeves’ assassin has the knack of coming back from the dead, much like Rake in Extraction 2.

Source: Collider

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