Diablo IV: See The Solution To A Very Annoying Feature In The Game!

Among the options in Diablo IV, one has been discovered that lets you turn off your character’s annoying “out of mana” message.



Diablo IV players are celebrating after learning that you can turn off your character’s incessant reminders that you’re out of mana/fury/energy/spirit/essence. You can now try and fail to use abilities while empty without interruption.

If you’ve been playing Diablo IV for any length of time, you’ve probably been told that you’ve run out of the resources your character uses in combat.

Personally, the sound of my necromancer saying I’m “out of essence” just blends into the cacophony of scythe swipes, corpse explosions and demonic death cries. But other Diablo IV players seem to find the reminders much more annoying.

A Redditor was kind enough to warn those who don’t know that you can simply turn these soundtracks off in the in-game options menu. I checked to confirm, and if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the Sound tab, there is a setting called “play audio on error”, and it is automatically set to “on”. However, if you turn it completely off, you won’t hear any sound when using the abilities with an empty resource container. And if you set it to “simple”, you will only hear a slight error sound.

For some people, this small revelation is a game changer.

“I’m literally ugly (but happy) crying I’m so relieved to know this,” one Redditor replied. “Thank you many times over, kind soul. Thank you!”

Another grateful player said they “HUGE needed this” and said the reminders were “killing” them.

Not surprisingly, many people have only now become aware of this handy option. However, I certainly did not expect such an intensely celebratory reaction. I mean, am I the only one who’s completely insensitive to monotonous error dialogue, especially in fast-paced hack-and-slash games? Apparently so.

Source: Reddit

PSA: You can disable the annoying "I need mana" voicelines
by u/wrdit in diablo4

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