Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Offers New DLC For One Of 2023’s Best Games!

One of the best Xbox games of 2023 has added an exclusive perk for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers that can’t be found anywhere else.



Xbox Game Pass Ultimate recently added new perks. One of these is a special DLC pack for Hi-Fi Rush. This pack adds new costumes for the game’s main characters, as well as other exclusive perks for games available on the service.

Hi-Fi Rush has quickly become one of the best games of 2023 for its beautiful blend of combat and rhythm game mechanics.

The game is currently free to download for Game Pass users. So gamers can experience this action game gem on PC and Xbox Series consoles anytime.

In a recent update, Xbox announced several exclusive perks coming to the Ultimate tier of Game Pass. The first of these is a DLC pack for Hi-Fi Rush, which includes a variety of cosmetics for characters. The pack, known as the “Teamplay Costume Pack”, will add new, mutually inspired costumes for the Hi-Fi Rush crew. This allows players to pass on their favourite character’s style to the rest of the crew. In the fun examples shown in the promotional image, Chai is dressed as 808, and Macaron is dressed as Peppermint. This pack is expected to be available for download until August 4.

Also available to Ultimate subscribers will be a Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis monthly bonus that rewards players with exclusive in-game items (expires July 4) and an Xbox Perks Pack for Super Animal Royale that includes exclusive cosmetics in the brand’s signature green and white colour scheme (expires July 11).

In addition, there’s a Battlefield 2042 EA Play Membership Reward that lets players claim a Field Kit for Season 5 of the game (expires July 18).

Players can claim the perks by logging into their Xbox console and selecting “Perks” from the Game Pass menu. Alternatively, this process can be done via the Xbox app on a PC. It is worth noting that perks are only available to Game Pass Ultimate users. So they will not be available on some PC/console versions of Game Pass.

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