Tragedy: 60 Years Old Lady Shot Because Of A PlayStation 4!

An argument between two teenage boys over a PlayStation 4 and a pair of shoes quickly escalated into a fight after they shot a 60-year-old woman.



A teenager is accused of shooting a 60-year-old woman during an argument over a PlayStation 4. Sadly, it is far from the first time a video game console has been at the centre of a row.

Even though its successor, the PlayStation 5, has been on the market for three years now, that hasn’t stopped the PS4 from getting love, it’s still got ports of several AAA games in 2023, and it remains pretty valuable despite not being considered retro yet.

Sony briefly put the PS4 back into production, which should make it a little easier to get. Unfortunately, one such PS4 search in Newark, Ohio, ended in violence. Although the events and motivations leading up to the altercation are still under investigation, a scuffle between two teenage boys led to one of them (identified as a seventeen-year-old) firing his gun. The boy shot a woman in her 60s in the leg as she approached them. It appears that the man had arrived at the woman’s North Morris Street flat to speak to the other teenage boy who lived there. Information suggests they were arguing over a PS4 console and a pair of shoes, although no connection has yet been made.

The shooter involved in the PS4 incident has since been arrested for attempted murder. The victim was transported to Mount Carmel East Hospital (and later Wexner Medical Center) for treatment of his injuries. He is expected to recover without complications. Several juveniles were detained and questioned, while two vehicles at the scene were searched. In one of them, a rifle and one of the suspects was recovered, although confirmed details of the incident end here for now.

Physical violence or even assassinations over highly sought-after and/or collectible products, including brand-new game consoles, are nothing new in the consumer world.

In general, the motivations behind such incidents are easy to guess. But it remains unclear why this incident took place. Newark police have since opened the investigation to the public and are asking anyone in the area with information to contact them. They hope that this will finally shed light on the as-yet unclear context of the incident.

Source: NBC

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