Diablo IV: Famous Actor Takes Issue With Blizzard Over The Game!

Popular actor and TV personality Whoopi Goldberg is asking Blizzard to respond to her recent complaints about Diablo IV and its release.



In an Instagram post, Whoopi Goldberg has indicated that she is still angry at Blizzard over Diablo IV. Perhaps to the surprise of many, Goldberg loves the Diablo franchise and wanted to play the game on her Mac.

On June 7, Goldberg shared an upset post about Diablo IV, indicating that she didn’t know the game wasn’t compatible with Macs.

It is well known that Macs are not really made for gaming. Overall, it has minimal support when it comes to video games. However, Diablo III is supported on Mac, but apparently, she didn’t check beforehand if Diablo IV is. So she asked Blizzard to allow her and other Apple users to play it on their preferred platform.

Goldberg was quite upset that Blizzard had not contacted her about buying Diablo IV. In an Instagram post, while preparing for a presentation, she stated that she realised she was still angry at “Blizzard Entertainment because [she] still [has] not heard from them.” It is not immediately clear from the post whether he contacted Blizzard Support. Or whether she asked for a refund. However, Goldberg has indicated that he wants his money back if he doesn’t get the game, specifically for his Mac. “I understand they want me to go get this for Xbox, but I want my money back – if you’re not going to give me my game…I feel [that] I’m nice about it, but a lot of people are upset that they did not get what they were promised.”

During the conversation, she also said that she felt she deserved an apology. She then added: “I want my game. I want my money back. Please, Blizzard, I love y’all, this is a little out of control now.” But again, it’s unclear where the conflict between the company and Goldberg stems from. Goldberg could use various support and consumer schemes in this regard. Even as there is technically one way to play Diablo IV on a Mac. There is a new game compatibility layer on macOS that she could use, for example. However, it’s not exactly official.

Ultimately, it’s unlikely that the game will be released on Mac, especially not anytime soon since platform expansion isn’t as simple as flipping a switch.

While it’s a strange situation overall, it’s not surprising that the game is luring in Goldberg and presumably other famous people. The release of Diablo IV was a huge success, quickly becoming Blizzard’s fastest-selling game to date.

Source: EW

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