One Of The Biggest Arkane Hits Is Now Available For Free On Prime Gaming!

Good news for Prime Gaming users: you can now grab the critically acclaimed Arkane video game for free.



The game in question is 2017’s Prey, published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by Arkane Austin. It comes, of course, from the same studio that brought us the fantastic Dishonored series. OK, their most recent title is indeed Redfall, but the less said about the latter, the better. (And it’s not even free on Prime Gaming.)

When Prey was released, there was some confusion. In 2006, Human Head Studios developed, and 2K Games published the video game of the same name. Prey (2006) followed the story of Domasi ‘Tommy’ Tawodi, who boards an alien spaceship after his girlfriend is abducted. Although Prey (2006) wasn’t perfect, it was still a fun game and proved successful enough to spawn a sequel. Production on Prey 2, announced in 2011, didn’t go as planned and soon found itself in the dreaded development limbo before being cancelled in 2014.

Eventually, Bethesda Softworks acquired the Prey IP, resulting in Prey (2017), although this latest instalment is mainly unrelated to the earlier games.

Unfortunately, despite garnering positive reviews, Prey did not sell as well as it was intended. But it is a great game.

Luckily, if you have a capable PC and subscribe to Amazon Prime, now is the perfect time if you haven’t played Prey (2017) yet. It’s included in Prime Gaming’s latest free game bundle. However, be sure to claim your free game as soon as possible, as the offer is only available until 24 July 2023.

In related news, back in September 2022, Arkane revealed that they never wanted to call the game Prey, but Bethesda forced their hand.

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