Diablo IV: Giant Lilith Statue Is Finished & Ready For Top Players’ Names To Be Engraved!

The imposing Diablo IV Lilith statue has arrived on Blizzard’s campus, ready to engrave the names of the first thousand hardcore players.



The Diablo IV Lilith statue has arrived at Blizzard HQ. Since many players have already defeated the main boss, Blizzard is ready to commemorate some of them on the statue of the Queen of Succubi.

Blizzard introduced Lilith as one of the big bosses in Diablo IV before the game’s release. By now, many players have already defeated her. Blizzard has announced that hardcore players of the game can get an extra reward for reaching level 100 on top of the loot they earn during their playthrough.

The 1,000 players who meet specific criteria will be immortalized by the Statue of Lilith, which has just arrived at Blizzard’s offices.

Ahead of the launch of Diablo IV, Blizzard confirmed that the first 1,000 players to reach level 100 in hardcore mode would have their name engraved on a giant statue of Lilith. This statue of Lilith will stand on Blizzard’s campus in Irvine, California. It’s now arrived, according to Diablo’s global community development director Adam Fletcher. A picture shared on Fletcher’s Twitter of this Lilith statue highlights just how big the monument is. The boss is perched atop a column with a special message dedicated to the ARPG’s hardcore community.

The figure of Lilith above the column, on which names will presumably be carved, is highly detailed. All of this highlights the work that the game’s developers have put into creating the character. Below the inscription on the statue of Lilith is a message reading “hardcore heroes”. In it, Blizzard commemorates the names that will soon be engraved with a lovely story. That is about how they earned their place.

Since many developers have a hardcore community playing their games which are primarily unrecognized, Blizzard’s Lilith statue was hailed as a victory by Diablo IV fans. Blizzard has already announced that the Lilith statue will commemorate thousands of players. However, it is currently unknown how long it will take for the statue to be filled with the names of hardcore players.

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