Diablo IV: Players Disappointed By One Of The Returning Iconic Monsters?!

Although Diablo IV players have widely praised its visual and aural direction, many feel that Blizzard has lagged behind when it comes to classic Diablo opponents.



Diablo IV has beautiful visuals and engaging enemies. Yet players are disappointed with some of the monsters carried over from Diablo II. While legendary in many ways, Diablo II’s tremendous legacy also lies in the sound design and music of the brilliant minds of Scott Petersen and Matt Uelmen. Throughout all the game’s stages, each monster type had a distinct sonic identity that was instantly memorable, from the Storm Caster’s screech in Chaos Sanctuary to the dying groan of the Quill Rat impaled by the Barbarian’s axe.

In a sea of iconic monsters, two of them made an impression on Diablo IV fans like no other: the Goatmen and the Fallen, who were found in the early zones of Act One.

Unfortunately, when compared to their Diablo II counterparts, the Fallen and Khazra leave much to be desired. Many players, such as nubileiguana, find the versions in Diablo IV boring. Although visually interesting, the Fallen in the sequel do not behave as they did in the second part. They don’t run around as much, they’re not as nimble, they don’t have as memorable a voice – they’re the generic foot soldiers of hell, and for a game with an overall high-quality sound design, this will be a headache for most fans. Exploring the world of Sanctuary is engrossing, but the battles against the Burning Hells need work.

While Blizzard certainly has bigger issues to address, such as itemization, level scaling, and the general lack of quality-of-life features in Diablo IV, players must lament the loss of identity for many of Diablo II’s iconic monsters. Similar complaints have been made about the new game’s treasure goblins. Not only is the new version far less generous with the loot, but it lacks the cheeky laugh.

Some fans even claimed that Diablo III had a better variety of monsters, pointing out the Mallet Lords, Lacuni and Tongue Lashers.

Ultimately, while mobs lean towards the generic side, with a few exceptions like the Skeleton Turret, Blizzard will have the opportunity to expand monster variety through the game’s seasonal content regularly. Additionally, expansions will likely introduce several new enemy archetypes to the base game. After all, all indications are that Diablo IV will also revisit old locations in the future.

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The Fallen not acting like Fallen is extremely disappointing.
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