Christopher Nolan Reveals Which Of His Previous Movies The End of Oppenheimer Is Reminiscent Of!

MOVIE NEWS – Director and producer Christopher Nolan suggests that Oppenheimer’s ending is similar to the “complicated” ending of Inception.



Christopher Nolan says the ending of Oppenheimer bears some similarities to the ending of Inception. While Oppenheimer will premiere on 21 July, Inception was released in 2010. It follows the adventures of Dom Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, as he tries to clear his criminal record and return to his family. Conversely, Oppenheimer tells the story of the man who helped create the nuclear weapons that still threaten humanity today.

The characters’ primary motivations may differ, but that does not mean that the films are too different.

In an interview with WIRED, Nolan explains that he believes Oppenheimer’s and Inception’s endings are remarkably similar. There may be some nihilism, but there is also a certain level of intellectual ambiguity.

“I mean, the end of Inception, it’s exactly that. There is a nihilistic view of that ending, right? But also, he’s moved on and is with his kids. The ambiguity is not an emotional ambiguity. It’s an intellectual one for the audience. It’s funny, I think there is an interesting relationship between the endings of Inception and Oppenheimer to be explored. Oppenheimer’s got a complicated ending. Complicated feelings.”

Inception and Oppenheimer are fundamentally about exploring the extent of human capacity. Nolan has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure a degree of scientific accuracy in his projects. Both films are full of exposition and explanation. Inception explores the control of dreams and the existence of the unconscious. Oppenheimer, meanwhile, is based on real nuclear science as it traces the life story of J. Robert Oppenheimer. So accurate, in Oppenheimer, even the extras are real scientists.

Of course, the similarities between Oppenheimer and Inception don’t end with the science. There is also the emotional core of both films. Dreaming and exploring the limits of human weapons may seem very different goals, but both explore the outer limits of human capabilities and the human interests behind them. The real Oppenheimer spent the rest of his life, even after the bombs were dropped, ranting against nuclear bombs.

In Inception, Cobb also questions whether he did the right thing and whether he ever really returned to the world.

If Oppenheimer is to be as epic as the ending of Inception, it must rely on the emotions behind the title character’s decisions. He is someone who wanted to save the world by building a bomb capable of destroying it. He is a complex character. Christopher Nolan has already proven himself more than capable of portraying similar characters with integrity and honesty.

Source: WIRED

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