Diablo IV: Patch 1.0.3 Has Arrived With Lots Of Useful Fixes!

Blizzard has released the latest update to Diablo IV, which introduces several significant buffs to the abilities of all five playable classes, as well as a minor tidy-up of the Nightmare Dungeons.



Blizzard has released Diablo IV patch 1.0.3, which adds several buffs to all five classes in response to player feedback. They hope that these changes will help make each class’ build feel strong without significantly altering the relationships between Diablo IV abilities.

The game has received a largely positive reception since its release. But one of the sources of criticism is that many players felt that Diablo IV’s core abilities were not powerful enough. Blizzard seems to have taken this feedback to heart and has made the base skills of all classes stronger with the balancing adjustments in patch 1.0.3. However, the developers have clarified that these changes do not fundamentally alter the relationship between base skills and base skills.

The update also didn’t forget about Core Skills, each receiving a significant buff.

All five Diablo IV classes’ abilities will now deal more damage. Among the significant increases is the base speed of the Barbarian’s Bounding Slam, which has increased from 75% to 112%. The damage of the Druid Hurricane and Lacerate has risen from 97.5% to 134% and 97.5% to 134%, respectively, while the damage of the Necromancer Bone Spikes has increased from 80% to 120%. The base damage of the Rogue Volley ability has increased from 70% to 105%. In comparison, the Heartseeker’s direct damage has increased from 30% to 75%, in addition to a more minor increase in the ability’s base damage. Finally, the Sorcerer’s Lightning Spear’s maximum damage is increased from 100% to 160%.

These are just some of the more important examples, as all of the game’s attack abilities have increased damage in the 1.0.3 patch. The new update also improves defensive buffs. It reduces cooldown time and increases duration and chance of success for abilities that have them. Diablo IV players can apply these changes to legendary aspects to their gear. Finally, abilities that generate class-specific resources, such as Fury and Spirit, will now generate more of that resource.



Diablo IV



Diablo IV Nightmare Dungeons: finally, enjoyable endgame?!


Nightmare Dungeons is one of Diablo IV’s premiere endgame content. Many players choose them for experience and loot. However, the game’s dungeons have already come under heavy criticism from players for their unimaginative design. Some have even claimed that Nightmare Dungeons “takes the enjoyment out of the game’s combat system”, criticising the harsh, harmful affixes used in the dungeons. Blizzard’s latest update aims to make grinding the game’s Nightmare Dungeons more rewarding for players.

The Diablo 4 version 1.0.3 update includes several changes to the way Nightmare Dungeons are rewarded. As well as several bug fixes. Following the update, players will experience a “significant increase” in experience for clearing dungeons and defeating enemies in Nightmare Dungeons. Players can now also teleport directly into Nightmare Dungeons using the in-game map.

The game’s Helltide feature will also receive more modifications: Helltide chests will grant more experience, and Helltide’s wandering bosses will drop quality loot more often.

In addition to more changes, Blizzard also mentioned in the patch notes several future changes planned for Diablo IV. Blizzard confirmed that the studio is working on increasing the density of monsters and elites within the game’s endgame content. They plan to introduce the changes in Season 1. The update also included several balance changes to the playable classes, with all classes seeing changes in the 1.0.3 build. Blizzard acknowledged fan feedback on base skills and confirmed that they are “keeping an eye” on other common areas of complaint from fans.

A complete list of changes coming with the patch can be found at the link below.

Source: Blizzard

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