Netflix: Could A Popular Cancelled Series Return With A New Season?!

MOVIE NEWS – A cancelled Netflix series is reportedly returning. The creator of the series says it’s all thanks to the fans.



Following the sudden cancellation of Warrior Nun on Netflix, series creator Simon Barry has confirmed that the show has been revived for a third season. The series has become a fan favourite for its unique concept of humour.

After orphaned Ava (Alba Baptista) wakes up in a morgue, she learns that she is the “Halo Bearer” and joins a sect of nuns to fight the forces of darkness.

The series is the spiritual successor to the cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fans were devastated when the series was cancelled after season 2. Passionate viewers went to the internet to condemn the streaming platform’s cancellation of the beloved series. In a David and Goliath story, fans launched a campaign to save the series. Even though Netflix is never quick to reverse these decisions. Warrior Nun proved to be one in a million because, surprisingly, the fan outcry worked.

Barry took to Twitter to announce the welcome news that Warrior Nun is indeed getting a third season. Barry’s enthusiasm was palpable while it was not confirmed whether the series would continue in the same place or find a new home. He thanked the fans whose passion for the show made it seem like it was the only reason the series would rise from the grave.

This news may come as a surprise to those familiar with the streaming giant. Warrior Nun was not the only victim of the provider’s recent purge. 1899 and The Midnight Club were both hosted by successful Netflix creators. But that didn’t save their series, either. With such a niche genre series foundering before reaching the finish line, it seemed that the only way to save Warrior Nun might be a video game. However, the series has become a rare case, giving fans a happy ending.

A fan base is only half of the equation when renewing a series. Landmark series such as Stranger Things and Squid Game are quickly getting the green light because they attract a lot of viewers. Even if there is a passionate fan base, series that do not become a cultural phenomenon are more likely to be cancelled.

Warrior Nun is a success story that brings a glimmer of hope to the streaming model, but that doesn’t mean it will become a system.

As much as viewers would like it to be commonplace, it’s more likely that Warrior Nun will be an exception to the cancellation rule. Mike Flanagan’s Edgar Allan Poe series could continue. But so many series that deserved more have met the axe because they failed on specific metrics.

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