Dying Light 2’s The Walking Dead And Payday 2 Crossover Leaked

Techland’s IP shares some of the same foundations as the Skybound comic book-origin franchise, so it was only a matter of time before the two were brought together. And it’s about to happen.


Although it’s been over a year since Techland’s game was released, it doesn’t matter for the Poles, as they’ve been expanding the content of Dying Light for nearly seven years and have already stated their intention to do the same with the sequel. However, the collaboration with The Walking Dead has so far only been hinted at by Techland, with the leak revealing its contents.

So the other tweet from the studio saying that more details will be released soon is in vain because the contents of the bundle, which will most likely be paid, have been leaked via the Dying Light Discord. A Rick Grimes costume, Michonne’s katana, Negan’s knife, Negan’s bat (Lucille), and The Walking Dead-themed paraglider will be in the open-world zombie game. The Rick Grimes costume also appears on Techland’s website, and several users claim that the other images are also from there.

The game’s subreddit even revealed that there would be a The Walking Dead-themed memento of the player’s weapon, a sheriff’s hat, and a few comic book covers. It is not known how to obtain these. Perhaps through a combination of in-game events and paid DLC. Oh, and what’s more interesting is that there will be a Payday 2 crossover because a picture has been leaked. During the stream celebrating Dying Light 2’s Good Night, Good Luck update, a The Walking Dead crossover was also discussed, which will change the parkour mechanic as well as the nighttime gameplay. According to Piotr Pawlaczyk, the lead level designer, there will be more crossovers during the Summer of Horrors event this summer. He also hinted at The Walking Dead signs in the Summer Game Fest video and openly stated that Michonne’s katana and Negan’s bat will be in the game, but he didn’t say more than that…

They’re hiding things like that for nothing because we know about them.

Source: PSL

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