Will The New Nintendo Console Launch Sooner Than Expected?

According to a rumor, the Japanese company is not that far away from releasing the successor to the Nintendo Switch.


The Nintendo Switch is almost six and a half years old, so its time has passed, which is understandable, as a console generation usually has a 6-8 year shelf life (the Nintendo 3DS, having been without a rival, as the PlayStation Vita only remained popular in Japan for longer, lasted longer than that…). It is, therefore, only a matter of time before the big N starts organizing regarding its successor. We’ve already written recently that an unnamed but guessable Spanish studio (MercurySteam) already has the development kit, so it logically follows that Nintendo is already preparing the hardware production…

In the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit, a Chinese site, MoneyDJ appeared. According to information from the investment site, Hongzhun, a metal case maker, is expecting increased sales in the second half of 2023 as Nintendo plans to launch its Switch successor in the first quarter of 2024. One important thing to add: the post did not clarify whether we are talking about a calendar quarter or a business quarter because the two are not the same. If it’s a calendar, then the next-generation hardware from the big N could be released between January and March (the Nintendo Switch also arrived in March, so this option seems logical), and the fiscal year starts on April 1, so in this case, the console could hit stores between April and June.

MoneyDJ had previously published accurate information about the production of the Nintendo Switch in 2016 when it was codenamed NX, so perhaps the site is correct. In May, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said that no new hardware was planned for release in the current fiscal year. Still, the company also confirmed that the console could be released shortly after its announcement…

So the platform will be released soon, and Nintendo may even talk about it at Gamescom.

Source: WCCFTech

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