Is Respawn Entertainment Working On The Third Star Wars Jedi Game?

Even though Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was released a few months ago (on PC, it launched in a poor state, just like its predecessor, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order…), Respawn Entertainment seems to have already started work on the third episode.


Respawn has a job posting looking for a principal game writer who can embrace the studio’s philosophy to help create an “incredible Star Wars experience for our players in a fun, third-person action-adventure setting.” o This level of characterization is a one-to-one description of the Star Wars Jedi game pair. The studio can’t deny it, as the LinkedIn post blatantly mentioned Star Wars.

Here’s the list of tasks the successful candidate must do: “Work with the Lead Writer and narrative team to develop compelling and immersive narrative gameplay that fits seamlessly within the Star Wars universe, write character and world guides, casting documents, and other supporting narrative content, write concise and evocative dialogue in multiple voices; expertise in character-centric storytelling and a passion for moment-to-moment dialog and drama, contribute to establishing best practices for storytelling that support our goals of an interactive narrative experience, collaborate with other departments and assist their narrative-focused goals, maintain documentation and assist in recording sessions and script management, assist as needed with marketing or other written company communications related to the project, and mentor other writers and lead by example.”

And these things are a plus for the studio: “8+ years’ experience of disciplined writing in a professional capacity, experience as a senior or lead writer on shipped games (AAA experience is ideal), and a strong understanding of the story development process, and a passion for third-person action-adventure games and the Star Wars universe. A desire to write interactive, living narratives that respond to player choice and agency, experience with development tools such as game engines, interactive fiction editors, and non-linear video editing, strong understanding of how to work with other disciplines in a highly collaborative studio environment, ability to process and react to feedback from multiple sources. The ability to self-critique and accept outside critique; exceptional communication and interpersonal skills; and a college degree in screenwriting, creative writing, filmmaking, narrative design, or similar discipline; or equivalent professional experience.”

If there is such a game, it’s a good thing we’re not expecting its release before 2026…

Source: WCCFTech

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