AMD Predicts Exponential Growth In The Artificial Intelligence Industry

TECH NEWS – According to AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su, the market could be a $150 billion opportunity in 3-5 years.


Su is currently in Taiwan to meet with industry leaders due to the next-generation chips and the growing AI market. In an interview, Su stressed that AI offers enormous growth potential, and Nvidia has proven it before; the investments the “greens” have made in recent years are now starting to pay off, and the company’s value is reaching unprecedented levels. The immediate winner in the AI expansion is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which produces the chips used in AI platforms for both Nvidia and AMD…

Su’s visit to Taiwan leads us to suspect that AMD may have reached an agreement with TSMC to provide 3-nanometer technology to the “reds” while still having the capacity for AMD Instinct MI300 APUs and MI300X GPUs. These are part of AMD’s strategic priority technologies tied to AI. Su told the media there that they also work with local companies on AI applications. She has visited Pegatron, TSMC, and IC makers Phison and Asmedia. It was all part of Innovation Day, and Su said AMD will have AI in all its products.

It will be especially true for GPUs, as generative AI is a popular, growing market. Su said that most of the work needed for large language models (LLMs) will be done in ROCm (AMD tech), and future updates will not be delayed, as current customers are optimistic. AMD’s CEO believes that the high-growth phase of AI will take 5-10 years. She stressed that manufacturing Instinct MI300 chips is a complicated process that requires collaboration with multiple partners in the supply chain, which is why she visited Taiwan.

According to Su, artificial intelligence is a huge market, even though it is still in its infancy. Nvidia has a lot of products for tech companies working in this area, but AMD says more products will be adopting AI (CPUs, FPGAs [field programmable gate arrays], and even PCs). That’s why the company wants an open economy. Let’s see if AMD can achieve a bigger market in AI…

Source: WCCFTech

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