Diablo 4’s First Expansion Rumours Could Hint at the Game’s Sixth Class

Many Diablo 4 players are already looking forward to the sixth class, and hints at the game’s first expansion may reveal what that class will be.


Diablo 4 players can’t wait to get a sixth class in a future update like in the previous installments of the series. Speculation is that the amazon class from Diablo 2 could be the sixth class added to Diablo 4, especially if the game’s first major content expansion takes place in the ancient city of Kurast and the Torajan jungle. The addition of the amazon class would bring a unique polearm user to Diablo 4 and continue the game’s homage to Diablo 2, making it a strong contender for the sixth class slot.

During the first season of Diablo 4, many players already had the opportunity to try out the builds of all five classes in the game, so they are eager for Blizzard to add a sixth class in a future update. While it’s highly likely that Diablo 4 will get a new class in the future, as previous installments like Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 introduced new classes along with major content expansions, there are still speculations about what that class could be. . Narrowing down where Diablo 4’s big content expansion will take place reveals what could be a possible suspect for the game’s sixth class.

Expansions for previous installments in the series included new classes as well as new regions for players to explore. Diablo 2’s Lord of Destruction expansion added the Druid and Assassin classes and Mount Arreat as a new location, and Diablo 3 added the Crusader class and the Westmarch region in the Reaper of Souls expansion. Based on hints and rumors about the location of Diablo 4’s first major content expansion, it seems very possible that the amazon could return from Diablo 2 as the sixth class added to the game.

Why can the amazon be the sixth class of Diablo 4?

The amazon originally came from Diablo 2 as a starting class in the base game that uses both bows and spears. While there are similarities between Diablo 4’s Rogue and Diablo 2’s Amazons, such as the ability to see within and the use of elemental arrows, the Amazons’ use of spears and spears can set them apart enough from the Rogue that, if slightly reworked, the They should also be included in Diablo 4. The addition of Amazons is also the first polearm user in Diablo 4, making it even more likely that this class will appear in a future expansion.

There is strong evidence that a future Diablo 4 expansion will take players south of Kehjistan to the ancient city of Kurast and the neighboring Torajan jungle. If Diablo 4’s first major content expansion takes place in the iconic location known from Diablo 2, it would be the perfect opportunity for the Amazon class to introduce itself alongside it. Not only would the addition of Kurast as a location and amazons as a class continue Diablo 4’s homage to Diablo 2, but the amazon class is particularly tied to this location, being a member of the seafaring Askarik, who were among the first tribes to make contact with the region.

Additionally, Amazons are traditionally hunters associated with the jungle, making the class even more tied to that location. While many expect Diablo Immortal’s new Blood Knight class to make it to Diablo 4, given their connection to the city of Gea Kul, Blizzard may want to keep the class exclusive to the mobile title and offer Amazons as an alternative polearm user for Diablo 4 players. for. With how much Diablo 4 draws from Diablo 2, amazon will end up being just as strong a contender for Diablo 4’s sixth class as Blood Knight.

Interestingly, the amazon was originally going to be in Diablo 3 as part of the game’s hero pack model, but was dropped in favor of the Necromancer. Perhaps Blizzard will want to correct this mistake and include the amazon in Diablo 4 in addition to Nekromanta in the base game. A spear or pole weapon user would be a welcome addition to Diablo 4, and the amazon fits the bill and would be right at home in a possible expansion involving Kuras and the Torajan jungles south of the Diablo 4 map.

Diablo 4 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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