Oppenheimer – domestic results

MOVIE NEWS – Since the premiere, the film called Oppenheimer has been seen by more than 240,000 viewers in Hungary, which represents a ticket revenue of over 495 million forints in the cinemas.


This makes Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan’s second highest-grossing film domestically at the moment – after Origin, whose final result It was over HUF 510 million, including the 10-year anniversary screenings.

The difference is currently only HUF 15 million, so that Oppenheimer achieved all this in 11 days thanks to the huge interest .

Another interesting fact is that the subtitled version of the film – especially the IMAX format – is chosen by far more people than the average in Hungary compared to the dubbed version.

Three previous Nolan works are ahead of Oppenheimer in terms of viewership, but thanks to the enthusiasm of the viewers and the good reviews, the film will probably be long enough to on its cinema program to catch up on previous films.

           (Oppenheimer – in cinemas now!)

Source: UIP

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