A Superspy Movie Being Developed by British Daredevil Matthew Vaughn

MOZI NEWS – Take Die Hard, Romancing the Stone and Lethal Weapon, shake it up and you’ve got a rough idea of what Matthew Vaughn’s new film is like. It’s important to shake the ingredients and not mix them, because there’s James Bond in Argylle.


Vaughn is known for being very good at mixing genres and action, and his sense of humour is original, as Ha/Ver or Kingsman: The Secret Service will testify. His latest film stars Henry Cavill and one of the film’s female stars is Dua Lipa, who recently said she was getting into filmmaking. The cast is also joined by Bryce Dallas Howard, Samuel L. Jackson and Sam Rockwell, among others.

Vaughn is planning for the long haul, and would make Argylle a trilogy, as he did with Kingsman. In the meantime, it has also been suggested that Ha/Ver could be expanded into a trilogy, even with a prequel film.

(Argylle – domestic release: 1 February 2024)

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