Metal Gear Solid: The Master Collection: Will There Be 4K Support Or Not?! [VIDEO]

Konami confuses things even more, now saying that the Metal Gear Solid collection will run at 1080p and 60 fps…



4K? Come on! Konami had a severe problem explaining exactly what players can expect in Metal Gear Solid: The Master Collection Vol. 1. Now, it’s issued a statement to VGC clarifying that the games’ target specs are 1080p and 60 fps on PC. After earlier misinformation (from Konami reps!) that the games would run at lower resolutions and fps.

It should be noted that this still leaves it unclear whether these games will render at 1080p or just run at 1080p.

Based on what Konami representatives told PCG’s Wes Fenlon at a recent hands-on demo, the former seems unlikely: there’s no way Metal Gear Solid will render at 1080p, the resolution will be the original 240p or a similarly low resolution.

One thing is clear, however: Konami has let people talk about things they don’t understand. In doing so, they have created an enormous confusion around technical questions that should have clear answers.

As for the collection itself, after receiving it, many people believe that these ports are as unpolished as possible. In some ways, they are inferior to what emulators have already achieved with PC titles. (See the videos at the end of this article…)

However, the package includes various extras that Gearheads will like, but that’s about it. Meanwhile, there’s still some confusion about exactly how the game will support a mouse and keyboard on a PC. Konami has essentially said that it will support it, though understandably in different ways in different games (the included games are a mix of 2D and 3D).

If you’re a Metal Gear fan shaking your head at all this confusion, you’re not alone. It’s Konami’s biggest-selling and most popular game series, but with the departure of series creator and director Hideo Kojima, it feels like the publisher has been stuck with it.

And Kojima himself, who has always been a master at marketing his games, must be shaking his head at the re-release of his life’s work and the unnecessary confusion Konami has caused over the basic specifications of the product.

Metal Gear Solid: The Master Collection at least makes the series playable on modern formats, and the extras are welcome. But it all seems like an unambitious, slapped-together project. Especially considering that by some standards, this is one of the most essential AAA series in the history of video games.

Metal Gear Solid: The Master Collection Vol.1 will be released on October 24, 2023, and will be followed by a Vol. 2, which will most likely free MGS4 from its PS3 prison.

Source: VGC, NintendoLife, WCCFTech

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