Drew Barrymore Was Attacked by a Crazy Fan in Public During an Interview!

MOVIE NEWS – Drew Barrymore, who was cast in E.T. known from the movie, she was in danger during an interview when a man tried to drag her away. The actress was saved by another star, but he did not give up and the next day he besieged Barrymore’s house. The police finally arrested the confused fan.


Drew Barrymore recently launched her own talk show where she talks to other celebrities. Due to the show’s popularity, many people want to meet him, but not everyone has good intentions. A 43-year-old man who is said to have followed Barrymore for a long time tried to kidnap the actress at a public event on Monday.

Barrymore was interviewing actress Reneé Rapp about the musical Mean Girls when the man ran up to the stage from the audience and shouted Barrymore’s name, trying to grab her. Security guards immediately intervened and prevented the man from reaching Barrymore. The man vehemently objected, saying that he was Barrymore’s true love.

Barrymore was very scared by the incident, but fortunately she was not hurt. Rapp quickly escorted her off the stage and comforted her. The organizers apologized for the incident and continued with the event. The police did not receive a report in the case, but an investigation was launched.

However, the man did not give up and tried to find Barrymore again the next day. The man traveled by bicycle to a small town where Barrymore’s house is. The man thought Barrymore was at home and wanted to get in. There were several security cameras around the house that recorded the man. The police learned about the situation and arrested the man. The man was charged with harassment and burglary.

Barrymore has yet to comment on the matter, but we hope she’s okay and not too scared. The actress has earned herself many fans over the years, but this case highlights that not everyone respects her privacy. We hope Barrymore continues to successfully host her show and doesn’t have to face such a nightmare again.

Source: Variety

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