This Movie Is So Bloody That Many People Couldn’t Watch It – The Beaten to Death Trailer Shocked Horror Fans [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Horror lovers have a new favorite, which was made by the Australian Welcome Villain studio. The Beaten to Death is a brutal survival horror, in which a man falls into the claws of a crazy psychopath, who not only beats him, but also blinds him. The movie trailer is so violent and bloody that many people couldn’t watch it. Could you handle it?


The Beaten to Death is an Australian horror movie, directed and written by Sam Curtain. The movie is the opposite of the sci-fi novel adaptation Dune by Frank Herbert: there is nothing fantastic here, just the roughest side of reality. The movie’s protagonist is Jack, who suffers a cruel attack in a remote countryside. A psychopathic hunter finds him, and starts playing a sick game with him. It’s not enough that Jack is beaten half to death, but his eyes are also stabbed out, so he has to fight the enemy and nature completely blind. The movie leads the viewer into the darkest depths of the human soul, and spares neither the characters nor the audience.

The Beaten to Death shocked horror fans with its trailer. The movie’s introductory video is full of bloody and violent scenes, which not everyone can bear. One of the movie’s critics said that this movie is an endless nightmare, which pushes boundaries. The Welcome Villain studio’s leader, Luke LeBeau said that this is an absolutely beastly movie, which the horror genre needs. “We fainted from it. It’s not just extreme, ruthless violence, but it’s also incredibly well written on every level.” – LeBeau said.

The Beaten to Death is another pearl of the Australian outback horrors, in which the locals hunt tourists. Such was the Wolf Creek – A Death Trip movie, which also shocked the viewers. The Australian continent is a perfect location for such movies, because everything is dangerous here: the animals, the plants and the people too. The Beaten to Death increases this danger even more, and gives a punch that is not easy to recover from.

The Beaten to Death debuted in America on September 1st, but unfortunately it will not be shown in cinemas in Hungary. However, we can hope that it will soon be available on some streaming service too. If you like extreme horrors, don’t miss this movie – if you can watch it.


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