Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty: More Gameplay Details

CD Projekt RED’s game’s expansion will bring many new elements to the game.


We’ve already written about some of the new features. Still, the Polish developers have also mentioned the improved combat mechanics in a broadcast, including the Relic skill tree, among many other things. The main elements are summarized on Reddit. The Relic Points will be scattered around Dogtown in unmarked locations to explore. An Adrenaline mechanic gives you momentary buffs (such as extra health) and special abilities. The more people you apply your abilities to, the more health you regain.

There will be perks in the Tech Tree that allow you to push your cyberware limit (called Edgerunner). Still, if you go above that limit, you get into “fury mode,” where your health lowers, but if you combine it with the Adrenaline mechanic, you can keep going as long as you are aggressive and keep fighting. This “fury state” will not make you lose control of your character, so it’s not full cyberpsychosis. You will be able to target the cyberware of enemies, and it’ll work as a weak point for enemies. Destroying the cyberwar will have an AOE-like explosion. Monowire will be able to apply and spread quick hacks via attacks. Optical Camo will have an upgrade that pulls you back to where you enabled it.

The police will chase you; if they lose you, they will keep searching for you around the area. There will be icons on the minimap of where the police are and the space they’re searching. MaxTac comes down via AVs. It can hack and reveal your location if they lose you, and its minimum difficulty is Hard, even if you have the game on Easy. The police can hack and turn off your car if you try to escape. It can have different tactics, such as trying to T-bone you or set up roadblocks. You can run away from them, but it’s more complicated than the current iteration, especially as you gather more stars. Their responsiveness will depend on which district you are in. Dogtown will have the Barghest instead of the Police; it will be Militech in the Badlands.

Muamar will contact you when you enter Dogtown and assign you the task of grabbing cars from around Dogtown and NC, and you must bring them back to a garage. Other gangs will be fighting you for the cars with vehicles. Through these Car Gigs, you can unlock new cars and gun-mounted vehicles. Some cars you must follow, others you must get via fighting other gangs, others are time-sensitive. You have to lose your tail (gangs or police) before you deliver the car. Muamar will comment on the car’s condition if it’s a wreck by the time you deliver it.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty will be released on September 26 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC.

Source: WCCFTech

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