Ben Affleck, The Gamer?! The Movie Star Has Spoken Out On Quite A Topic!

MOVIE NEWS – Ben Affleck appeared at the latest Valorant Champions event and gave a light-hearted critique of the game’s latest nerfs.



Ben Affleck criticised Valorant’s latest nerfs during a surprise appearance at the game’s biggest esports event, Valorant Champions. The famous actor briefly reflected on the 7.04 patch for the competitive shooter. The latter introduced several changes to the game, including a significant nerf for Valorant agent Jett.

Jett has starred in every Valorant game mode since Riot’s free-to-play FPS entered open beta in April 2020.

As a nimble duelist boasting several movement-enhancing abilities, this hero is able to run circles around his opponents and quickly set up deadly traps. He is instrumental in establishing course control and mapping enemy defences. Although his popularity has endured for years despite nerfs, Jett’s meta-dominance may be coming to an end. Because the Valorant 7.04 update has crippled his abilities to an unprecedented degree.

Ben Affleck has now joined the growing list of players who have expressed their disappointment at this turn of events. The film director attended the tournament in Los Angeles with his son Samuel. The two were able to meet Shannon Williams, the actress who voices Jett. During their brief conversation, the 11-year-old told Williams that his father could play Jett as the lead in Valorant. Affleck clarified that this would not happen. “Yeah, but then they nerfed Jett,” the actor said, as seen in a short video of the encounter that Williams shared on social media.

Williams enthusiastically agreed with Affleck’s light-hearted criticism, later taking to Twitter to cheekily thank the actor for reminding him of Jett’s latest nerf, which threatens the viability of his character.

And if that comment to Riot wasn’t proof enough that Affleck is an avid Valorant player, the filmmaker confirmed it outright during a casual interview at the game’s recently concluded tournament. Asked about his current starring role, Affleck said that he alternates between KAY/O and Raze. He revealed that he is “a bit promiscuous” when it comes to choosing his favourite agent.

Affleck’s appearance at the esports event was not the only celebrity at the event. Elon Musk also took part in the Valorant Champions Tour finals. However, the Tesla CEO received a much less welcoming reception from the participants. He was booed and greeted with chants of “Bring back Twitter”. A reference to the social media platform’s recent renaming to X. The tournament ended with a 3-1 victory for Evil Geniuses against Paper Rex. They thus became the first North American team to win the Valorant World Championship title three years after the shooter’s release.

Source: Dexerto

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