Just Crow Things: Time To Be A Crow [VIDEO]

It’s rare to see a crow simulator on the gaming market (not even the serious kind, because if it were realistic, there wouldn’t be any meaningful demand for it), but it’s what Unbound Creations, known for Rain on Your Parade, is working on.


Here’s the game’s overview: “Play as a cute crow, fly around town, poop on people, and steal their shiny trinkets! In this sandbox-y adventure game, help your animal friends create adorable chaos and have a beak-tastic time customizing your adorable crow appearance! Why? Just caws! Did you know crows are inquisitive birds? That’s why in this level-based, sandbox-y adventure game, you play as an adorable crow with one dream—to join the Cool Crow Clique! But to do so, you must prove you’re the coolest bird in town. In each level, you will earn the trust of your animal friends by doing them favors and slowly building up your Crowputation. Some tasks test your skill, some test your intellect, and some are dumb. Either way—there’s something for everyone here! You can spread your wings and soar to new heights of cuteness as you customize your adorable crow-tastic appearance!

Did you know crows are one of the few creatures to use tools? We want to let you live in that fantasy in Just Crow Things. Pick up any object and drop it on unsuspecting humans! Use various devices on your journey, like graffiti spray cans to tag the city, a leaf blower to annoy people, or a blow torch to…… warm people up at night. Yup. That’s, uh, that’s the intended use here. Did you know crows achieve the highest academic scores on standardized tests? Okay, we might be fudging some data here… but the point stands! The game will give you several optional side tasks to challenge you further! Find all the crow puns for your Puncycolpedia, help a panicked Squirrel Mom reunite with her missing kids, or beat the Crazy Ferret in racing challenges worldwide. Anything is possible when you’re a crow.

Explore ten unique and sandbox-y levels. Customize your crow with cute hats, scarves, and more. Use a variety of tools and objects you pick up. Eat delicious foods and discover new “poop modes.” Make new animal friends and help them out. Find all the crow puns for your Puncyclopedia.”

Just Crow Things is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch at an unknown date.

Source: Gematsu

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