Kevin Costner Won’t Let it Go: He’s Suing Over Yellowstone!

MOVIE NEWS – Yellowstone was one of Paramount’s most successful series starring Kevin Costner. But now it seems that the actor and the studio have a serious disagreement and the show will be cancelled after its fifth season. Costner refuses to give up his role and is suing Paramount because he believes they made a mistake.


Yellowstone was a gripping drama in which Kevin Costner played a ranch owner trying to protect his land and family from his enemies. The show was very popular and ran for five seasons. But now it looks like it’s over and there will be no sequel. The reason for this is a conflict between Kevin Costner and Paramount.

The actor is not happy with the way the studio handled the series. According to Costner, he did his best to get involved in the shooting of the fifth season, but Paramount refused to accommodate his schedule. Costner had another big project in the works, a four-part movie called Horizon: An American Saga, which was his dream.

But Paramount claims Costner was too demanding and not committed enough to Yellowstone. The studio also says series creator Taylor Sheridan was overworked and couldn’t finish the scripts in time. And Sheridan says Paramount wanted too much content from him and didn’t give him enough time and money.

Things got so bad that Costner sued Paramount. The actor claims he is owed $12 million for the second half of season five, which has yet to be filmed. Costner also said he would have liked to continue the series with a sixth season, but the studio refused to pay him properly and respect his wishes.

The lawsuit has not yet been settled, but for now it seems that Yellowstone is over. Paramount is planning some spin-offs based on the series, but Costner will not be involved. The actor still insists that he was the real star of the show.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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