Breaking Bad Star Could Play A Major Role In The Next DCU Movies?!

MOVIE NEWS – Breaking Bad actor to join James Gunn’s DC Universe! Who could the fan-favourite actor play in the upcoming DCU franchise?



With the launch of James Gunn’s DCU, the door is wide open for actors to take on DC characters. It has recently been revealed that Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito could be set to star in the DC Universe.

Before the actors went on strike, Gunn held a casting call for the first DC Universe movie, Superman: Legacy. Gunn has already cast David Corenswe as the DCU’s Man of Steel, with Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane.

Gunn has also cast other DC characters who will appear in Superman: Legacy, including Hawkgirl, Guy Gardner, Mr. Terrific and Metamorph.

However, he has not yet chosen a villain for the film.

Recently, at Comic-Con Panama, Esposito was asked if there were a chance he would appear in DC movies. Esposito replied, “I have been talking to James Gunn about the possibility… about being in a movie, so who knows, it could happen soon.” These conversations must have happened before the strikes. Gunn recently mentioned that casting for the DCU’s Batman movie is moving slowly. So it’s likely that this role is for Superman: Legacy.

The X user who posted the video also reported that Esposito knows that fans think he would be an excellent choice to play Professor X in X-Men, or Magneto, or even Mr. Freeze. However, he reportedly said that he would prefer to play a superhero rather than a villain. So that would knock out Magneto and Mr. Freeze. Moreover, Esposito seems to believe that he will eventually be cast in a Marvel or DC project.

Fans are used to Esposito playing the role of a cold villain, such as Gus Fring in Breaking Bad, Moff Gideon in Mandalorian, Stan Edgar in The Boys and Anton Castillo in Far Cry 6.

But it seems he wants a change. Many fans would welcome it if he could get a role at Marvel or DC. They’re excited to see Esposito join the DCU, as well as Gunn confirming the role. However, Gunn and Esposito are not allowed to discuss potential roles until after the strike. So fans will have to wait until the labour dispute is over for more news on what character he may play.

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